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UNIWARES Information Security Systems is a technology company that started its activities in 1996 in Austria, dedicated to the creation, development and marketing high quality software and solutions of value in the areas of Information, Internet and Network Security.

A few years later, it moved its operation to Germany and became very popular in the late nineties by developing games for Nokia and by launching the ICQTracker. The recognition in the developer’s field did not take long: by making TrueBlue available as open source code, Uniwares acquired respect for its clean and safe codes. Some tools, also available as open source, became highly recognized – for examples: FullAttrib and IIS IPMap.

Until 2002, we worked exclusively developing specialized applications “on demand” for the corporate market – especially in Europe, where we have clients such as Nokia, Lauda Air, National Bank of Austria, German Telecom, Microsoft, among many others.

At the end of 2003 we launched the Leon Anti-Spam Server that completely changed the the way the company offered services through package systems and softwares. Nowadays Uniwares sees the expansion of its product lines, not only with Leon Anti-Spam Server, but also Rufus Secure Mailing Management, AnaLog Windows Event Log Analyzer and Elwin – Event Log Monitor for Windows.

Developing and using state of the art technology, we always offer higher quality services for organizations seeking continuous and sustainable solutions. With applications written in C/C++, our products have, as a main principle, performance, security and scalability.

In this way, Uniwares firmly positions itself on the market as a company in the field of Information Security and continues to develop corporate applications with advanced products and quality of excellence and assurance.

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