1. Event Log Manager for Windows XP, 2000 and 2003.

    Log management it is not a simple task. When it comes about log events from many servers and Microsoft windows stations, the existent limitations make that task to be even harder.

    Even though MMC (Microsoft Management Console) is a great interface, it has some restrictions, and it's not adequate to view and manage logs. Here are some of its limitations:

    • Only one event log can be visualized at time;
    • To use filters it is necessary to be do various procedures and another series to undo then;
    • Do not have refresh mechanism. To visualize new events you have to do a manual search to find all the new events;
    • Do not have the possibility to print event logs;
    • To clear event logs, confirmation is always necessary;

    Uniwares AnaLog - Event Log Management is a tool that helps in multiple servers log management.

  2. Some advantages:

    • MDI interface for multiple log events visualization.
    • Possibility to visualize, remotely, other server's event logs.
    • Quick filtering of events.
    • Quick filtering of events by type(alerts, errors, informatives, etc.).
    • Quick filtering of events by category, date/time, event ID, event source, etc.
    • "One-click clean" allow quick clearing of logs.
    • Possibility to store logs in archive system or in a database (SQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc.)
    • Report exportation in the formats: XLM, PDF, CSW, TXT.
    • Automatic server log collection previously selected.
    • Server log archive.
    • Simple and complete Administrator interface allows the crossing information from various servers side-by-side or freeway.
    • "One-click Report" - Many reports available.
      • Reports about regular Logon and Logoffs.
      • Reports about Failed Logons an Logoffs.
      • Reports to aid in audits about log changes.
      • Reports about Objetc's Access.
      • Reports about every system event.
      • Reports about the status of a specific Host.
      • Reports about User Account Validation successfully made.
      • Reports about User Account Validation unsuccessfully made.

    AnaLog is compatible with Windows XP (Home and Professional), Windows 2000 and Windows 2003.

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