LEON The Anti-Spam Server is responsible for receiving and classifying the E-mails within a clients company or organization. Its principal function is to impede, close to all, unsolicited commercial emails (UCE). In this way, a company that uses LEON will have a significant return on the following areas and therefore on its Return On Investment:

  • Save on the consumption of the bandwidth;
  • Reduction on administration costs of the corporate network;
  • Gain with user/employee productivity;
  • Reduces the threat of viruses and spy wares.

Leon Anti-spam Server was released by the end of 2003, and is possibly the only solution that hasn't been built on top of existing code. The project started with the premise that we couldn't rely on probability mechanisms.

Leon Anti-Spam Server 2008 is the third generation of the product. Its a mature and complete solution, perfect for companies with huge or small amount of messages. Leon has many unprecedented features in an anti-spam product. Besides that, Uniwares maintains asn open line with customers, called "Feature Request", wich provides a way to ask for features that would improve de product.

UNIWARES offers a subscription service for LEON that supports the client to be prepared to combat SPAM guaranteeing the constant upgrading of the LEON software and updating of the LEON library via an automatic system developed especially for LEON. UNIWARES maintains within its environment a team of professionals called "LEON Librarian Analysts" trained to up-date the library 7 days a week.

Leon is really efficient and fast, so it doesn't delay message delivery.

The forecast of experts on Spam have always been really optimistic. In 2003, they estimated that the amount of spam would reach 40% of all the message traffic, with an estimative of reaching 70% in 2007. What really happened is that in 2003 the percentual was already superior to 50%, and in 2007 it surpassed 90%.

It's unnecessary to talk about the importance e-mail has to every company, no matter type or size. But we can say that 2008 is going to be the year in wich companys will be investing more on Anti-Spam solutions.

Leon Anti-Spam Server is ready for the challenge.

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