1. Main Features

    Today, thousands of companies use the e-mail to communicate with their clients and partners. It is not rare to encounter users who sign-up for newsletters, whether to be informed about new technologies, tips on health or subjects related directly to their work and workplace. However, this method of mass communication has become a great problem to companies who lack the tools that can give them results expected in dealing with large scale communication.

    To overcome this necessity in sending large volumes of e-mail, in compliance with existing norms and regulations (RFCs – Request For Comments), without depending on the traditional methods, Uniwares Information Security Systems has just launched Rufus Secure Mailing Management 2007. Conceived to produce, deliver and manage large scale Mailing, Rufus eliminates the principal headache that is inherent to the sector which is the management of the whole process of message delivery.

    The application is divided into two parts: the first is the service responsible for the delivery of the messages (SMTP Individual server); the second is responsible for the production of the newsletters and its respective management.

    Rufus Secure Mailing Management has a very user friendly interface. Has a standard configuration that can be used without the need to dominate technical information. However, administrators accustomed in having an application configured the minute details will not be disappointed.

    Rufus Secure Mailing Management is fully prepared to attend the severe requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) law.

  2. Easy Use

    • Assistance in creation of mailing with step by step instructions
    • A simple and complete administration interface
    • Completely based on graphic interfaces
    • No limits to campaign numbers
    • Available in English and Portuguese

    Rufus Publisher

    • Has its own SMTP (Simple Mail Tranfer Protocol) Server, completely independent from third parties, and 100% integrated with the application
    • Permits configure simultaneously quantitative solicitations of DNS (Domain Name Server) resolutions
    • Has a customizable limiting function for the number of external connections
    • Has a customizable limiting function for the number of consecutive connections via one unique server
    • Configuration of the Helo String in accordance with RFC 2821
    • To improve and optimize the network service, Rufus permits that you appoint an external DNS server
    • Has a resource that permits the configuration of the maximum utilization of the band within certain times and days of the week
    • An internal cache system that stores Mail Exchange (MX) resolutions
    • Secure delivery (without duplifications and errors)
    • Has a mechanism for testing mailings
    • Multi-user environment that permits a Publisher be used by various Producers (clients). Different Users can create the mailing utilizing the same server by simply installing the Producer in other work stations.

    Rufus Producer

    • Offers the possibility to import URL addresses and convert them into messages for distribution
    • Has mechanisms to rewrite external CSSs
    • Defines a differentiation between addressees with the option to format the message in HTML or text
    • Has a mechanism to pre-visualize the created mailing
    • Can be installed in the remote work station
    • Allows whatever type of file to be annexed to the messages
    • Has mechanism that permits the automatic integration of images to the content of the e-mail

    Reports and Statistics

    • Location of specific e-mails, domains or Mail Exchanges (MX)
    • Diverse reports identifies e-mails with errors such as inexistent users or refusal of the message due to client’s E-mail policy
    • Has support for Regular Expressions can be treated, utilizing certain types of parameters, all the errors of external servers
    • Generate reports with the total of messages that were delivered with success
    • Allows for the location of domains, IPs, MX e-mails with date, time, attempts etc.
    • Executes on-line monitoring of the volume of e-mails delivered e/or failed.
  3. E-mail Lists

    • Integrates with any database
    • Validates all formats of the e-mail accounts before sending.
    • No limits on the number of Addresses.
    • Allows for the importing of E-mail account files in a text format.

    Total Control of Application

    • Individual SMTP separates the message traffic of the Server from the corporate e-mail.
    • Test for delivery of messages
    • A scheduling system permits the utilization of the bandwidth in different ways due to day and time.
    • Executes a complete audit, registering all the activities of the users in a Windows Event Log.
    • Adjust the velocity
    • Considerable gain on velocity
    • Send Multi-Threaded.
    • Module that controls the attempts of delivery in case of failure
    • In the case of energy lose, booting of the server or any other problem occurred, Rufus will continue from the point of interruption – no message will be lost.
    • Support for bounce messages management
    • Fully compliant with all rules, regulations and Anti-Spam laws.

    RFC (Request For Comment) Compliance:

    • 0974 – Mail Routing and the Domain System;
    • 1035 – Domain Names – Implementation and Specification;
    • 2045-2047 – MIME Part 1-3;
    • 2110 – MIME email Encapsulation;
    • 2183 – Content Disposition Header;
    • 2369 - Meta-Syntax for Core Mail List Commands;
    • 2821 – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol;
    • 2822 – Internet Message Format;
    • 2912 – Indicating Media Features for MIME Content;
    • 2919 - A Structured Field and Namespace for the Identification of Mailing Lists;
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