1. StorMail - Corporative e-mail storage

    E-mails achievement solutions are gaining more space ate the market. Stimulated by many internationals movements and government laws such as SOX, ITIL among others, StorMail is a essential tool not only to grant compliance with regulamentations but also to solve a regular problem to e-mail managements in what concerns the administrations of massive data content.

    Basic Funcionality

    StorMail indexes and storages e-mails both inbound and outbound and makes them available for On Demand download. Its intuitive web-interface allows the an easy recovery of messages. This management can be done by an administrator or the final user.

    Its intuitive web-interface allows the an easy recovery of messages.


    StorMail lowers the costs with storage and management of big amount of e-mails and it is a quick response to grant regularity with laws that seek the the search in criminal or juridical processes.

    StorMail lower time,risks, and costs with e-mail server migration and disaster-recovery. For archiving all the messages in a single repository, it will drastically reduce o time spent on those processes and the risk of information loss of network users- growing the productivity and reducing costs.

    StorMail can be used as an e-mail backup system, with the advantage of recovering messages in a simple, quick and practical way.

  2. Appliance Features

    Email Gateway Inbound
    The inbound email gateway can be inserted anywhere in the email pipeline before the actual storing mail server. StorMail does receive all the e-mail traffic, store a copy of each message and deliver to the next sever- like anti-virus, anti-spam or the e-mail server.
    Email Gateway Outbound (Smarthost)
    The outbound email gateway works as a smarthost and handles all outgoing mail traffic. The process is similar to the inbound gateway where StorMail storages an e-mail copy and transfers to internet or another server.
    Stormail Administration
    The StorMail administration site is integrated into the appliance and can be accessed through a web browser. Administrators have their own login and may manage various aspects of the appliance depending on their assigned role.
    At any moment, administrator can do a specific search of e-mail using basic information like Sender, Recipient, message size, date, attachment name, source domain, etc. when the message is located it can be read by web interface or recovered and sent to the destiny sever.
    It’s possible to create message tags and metadata. This feature makes easy the association with e-mails and lets the recovery system quickly.
    The StorMail main screen shows useful information like data base size, log size, attachments (amount and volume) etc.
    The administration site also allows the creation of reports of various aspects of the appliances operation (like email traffic, up/download rates, storage volumes, files, file types, etc).
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