aManda: Managed File Transfer

  1. Present Situation

    Advances in technology cause an impact in the life of practically of everybody. Sometimes, the structure is drastically modified and its basis continues to be the same. This may cause diverse problems, considering that the whole, to function well, must be complete and in sync. This is more or less the same thing that happens within communication.

    In olden days, a letter would take days to arrive at its destination. When the Internet came about on a worldly basis, the email became the media that would substitute postage letters, or commonly known as snail mail. As time moved on, e-mails started to gain colors, images and animation and as a result became the main form of transmitting diverse messages through the internet, from greeting cards up to complex presentations and videos.

    Unfortunately, the structure in which the e-mail messaging was constructed, it did not foresee that messages transiting on the internet are simply “messages”. For this reason, the protocol suffered an adaptation to allow for the transmission of files. Even though, sending attached files in messages is no simple task, the transmission speed became extremely slow. The service was not conceived with the intention to transmit files and therefore, it is common that during the process of sending large files the connection would slow or even close. This would generate a collateral effect as the retransmission of the message, or let’s say, that even when already half of the message had been transmitted, the retransmission would start again from scratch.

    aManda - Solution for file transfer between companies of all the sizes

    aManda has functionalities that any person, within your company, are able to send files in an easy, transparent, trustworthy and secure manner. It is the ideal solution for the exchange of files between companies or between departments within the same company.

  2. How does it work?

    aManda intercepts the e-mail traffic going in and out, extracting the attached files from the messages and making them available for download on demand using a unique stamp address.

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    aManda also allows for the distribution of files through a web interface and with a centralized storage system. The recipients can be notified when the files are available and when downloads would be completed. The files can be protected through passwords and downloads can be limited by groups or recipients.

    aManda web interface
  3. Application

    On a regular basis the attached files in e-mails would result in the increase of various copies of the same file on the net. At times, up to hundreds. aManda reduces the cost significantly with email because it does not only transmit but it doesn’t store duplicate files, delivering the files when requested by the recipient and thus finishing with virtual redundancy.

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    aManda also reduces the cost of transfer and file administration for customers. This process normally is made through e-mail, FTP or HTTP. In the case of very large files, CDs or DVDs, they are sent by the traditional post office to their respective customers. It is exactly this scenario where aManda becomes indispensable. aManda possesses a simple interface so that any user, with enough privileges, can make available files for their customers.

    Instead of creating FTP accounts and managing users, passwords and archives, aManda allows that the proper user uploads files and let aManda send notifications to the recipients of their availability. All this with some simple security parameters previously defined by the administrator of the system.

    • Simple alternative to the FTP – reducing IT costs with support
    • Reduction in storage cost - minimizes email server load and eliminates file duplicity
    • Easy to use - transparent, not requiring user training
    • Centralized management allows:
      • Understand file traffic
      • Manage multiple and group users
      • Create user and group policies
    • Create Conformity Reports (SOX, COBIT, HIPPA etc.) - allow for auditoring
    • Eliminate traditional post office costs - files of several gigabytes can be sent with aManda
    • Advanced security - file password, SSL cryptography and configuration for file expiration
    • Plugins for Outlook 2003 and 2007, Notes 8 and Thunderbird


    The administration of aManda is integrated within an appliance and can be used through a web browser. Administrators have their own logins and can manage diverse aspects of the appliance, depending on permissions and rights.

    The administrator can create reports of various aspects of the operation of the product, from the traffic of email, upload/download rates, storage volume, files, types of files etc.

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